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Pilates is a system of exercises designed to improve physical strength, increase flexibility, lengthen the body and posture and enhance mental awareness.

Everyone can do it! 



When I moved to Los Angeles back in 2014, I never planned on being anything but a dancer. After a few years of working in the industry, I realized it just wasn’t for me. I love dance and will always love dance. I'm proud of all the incredible things I had the privilege of doing, but I knew dancing professionally wasn’t my future. (Talk about a heartbreak) Skipping to the good part here enters Club Pilates down the street from my apartment. I took one intro class, and I was hooked. I was later encouraged to become a certified instructor, and here we are today. After teaching in LA for about 4 years and experience at multiple studios (and during a pandemic 😜), I found my teaching style. Thanks to Ester and Becky for helping me find who I am as a teacher. I like to kick things up a notch. I blended my love for dance and weight lifting into a fun, kick booty style of pilates.

Introducing to you MAD PILATES.
With me, you’ll get the fundamentals of classical pilates with a contemporary twist and a sprinkle of weight training. Focusing on the correctness of each exercise and the specific placement of your body to get the absolute most out of each exercise. A little extra push and pull here and there emphasizes my love for the gym. I'll throw in some fun music and extra energy for a touch of my spice, making sure that what I give you is something you won’t get anywhere else. If you’re interested in Pilates and want to see what it’s all about (or if you’re still skeptical 😉), send me a message, and let’s talk about it!


Private Lessons 

Discover a unique pilates experience with MAD PILATES. My private lessons are tailored to your individual needs, combining the discipline of classical pilates, a contemporary flair, and a dose of weight training. Perfect for those seeking an extra push with a personal touch, MAD PILATES private lessons are more than just a workout; they're a journey to a stronger, more confident you.


@ Home Monthly Video Subscription 

Elevate your fitness routine with MAD PILATES monthly videos. Each month, receive four expertly crafted instructional videos that blend classical pilates principles with contemporary techniques and weight training. Whether you're a pilates veteran or just starting out, our videos offer a fresh, kick-booty approach to pilates, all from the comfort of your home.


Private Zoom Lessions 

Join the MAD PILATES community from anywhere with our virtual Zoom classes. Experience a dynamic pilates workout that combines classical elements, modern twists, and a hint of weight training, all live-streamed directly to you. 


Let's do pilates!

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